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Introducing the world’s leading enterprise class, air-cooled, frequency-optimized server


54% Increased Processor Performance


25% Increased Processor Bus Performance


50% Increased Memory Performance

RZ-HFT3-1000 Series

up to...
GHz on all 8 Cores
RAM Potential
PCI-E Slots

Powered by Intel Xeon and i7 processors, optimised by Race to Zero’s industry leading engineering team. Enter the Race to Zero with the HFT3-1000 Series

Race to Zero’s RZ range of tuned x86 servers are designed for applications that are dependent on speed and latency, such as quantitative trading algorithms used by HFT’s (High Frequency Trading Firms). The RZ range of servers are the only solution in their class giving unrivalled performance of up to 4.6GHz on 8 cores utilising Intel’s i7 and Xeon architecture in an air-cooled server platform.

RZ’s cooling methods, “Turbo” heat dissipation technology, enable you to optimise the performance of the entire system; extracting heat from the rear of the chassis without the use of a mid-system radiator. This ensures your server remains stable for longer, enabling you to focus on the processes and performance of your applications and not your hardware.

Race to zero server

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Race to zero server

We are Race to Zero

Race to Zero is a high performance server systems integrator and manufacturing company. Founded by business leaders form the technology, engineering and HFT sectors, Race to Zero’s ability to develop and deliver innovative industry leading technology is underpinned by real world experience. From product development to algorithmic trading knowledge Race to Zero embody our customer’s appetite for quality, stability and performance. Designed and engineered in London England, Race to Zero is at the fore-front of providing innovation by simplifying the complexity of the server infrastructure that drives your business forward.

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